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The Kerio API is built on solid foundations of JSON-RPC, whose advantages include easy-of-use code readability and wide support among different programming languages and publicly available libraries.
Kerio Certification Training materials.
Kerio Connect is a modern messaging platform that provides enterprise-class email, calendars, contacts, tasks and instant messaging anywhere on any device providing immediate secure access to communications anytime without complexity or expensive ove
Kerio Control is a leading UTM gateway security solution designed for small to medium businesses delivering a network firewall and router, intrusion detection and prevention (IPS), gateway antivirus, QoS, VPN and content filtering.
Kerio Operator allows small and medium sized businesses to improve communication, control costs, and stay connected anywhere, while providing ease of use for the client and the administrator. Based on the industry-standard SIP VoIP protocol.
MyKerio simplifies management of multiple Kerio product deployments through a centralized web interface.